Teeny weeny notes…

If you’d like to scribble just a short note than a full fledged post- this is your space!


  1. Mathew Mampra says:

    Manjadi Oormakal…The moment I think about Manjadi,it takes me back to my childhood days..the sweet nostalgic memories I cherish…I hate plane trips and likes train journey instead as in these long train journeys,the memories of nostalgic manjadikkuru comes to my mind….away from all the madding crowd and business…sweet little red seeds….which we refused to share with others and always loved to share with the dearest ones for barter of a smile…Even now,whenever I visit my native village,I simply love to walk lonely throgh the narrow lanes …but the scene of innocent children fighting for manjadi is missing….so sad…that they are missing something which they can cherish and charge you for their rest of life.

  2. Jithu says:

    Manjadi…. the moment i hear about Manjadi, the nostalgia of childhood comes to the screen. The famous Guruvayoor Temple comes to mind. There used to be a big vessel( Copper or Brass) filled with Manjadi. As a kid it was really thrilling to play with them…it is a tradition there..
    Great feeling to go through this blog…

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