Nirmala’s manjadi

My earliest memories of my Ammamma (maternal grandmother ) is that of cuddling by her side in the darkness pleading for a story. She tells me that I never tired of hearing about Prahlada. Another memory is of a long winding rhyme about a fly who goes around asking different creatures if they knew what … Continue reading

Menaka’s manjadi

I dont have siblings, hence very close to all of my cousins who used to visit us@ Wayanad, for summer vacation every year. Loads of lovely memories… scattered though… > my pretty sis who could’nt utter one word in malayalam but wanted to watch ‘mazha peyyunnu maddalam kottunnu‘ everytime she was in Kerala > Grandma … Continue reading

Neema’s manjadi

My  memories aka manjadis are  mostly the  ones  from the days I  spend  along with my  cousins at  my  Grandma’s place  in  Elathur,  a  small  village  in  Calicut. Don’t  know why the below  ones  are  so  distinctly  alive  in my mind. Sharing  some of  them  with you … -In my childhood days  my real fun … Continue reading