Crimson Pearls – a poem

“Crystal path was full of crimson pearls

And that I was once a witless wanderer

Clustered by the rusty spears as shelter

For my heart was placed upon the hills

So I focused on my dream to see it real

Then the blue bells lured my lone way

With colors of gleam risen from azure

So I tried to climb the hills in fortitude

But the path bore the greasy pebbles

So I slipped through the nights in vain

And the days seized the sun in wilds

And I kept my hope close to my heart

Soon an angel flew so nigh, at night

And rubbed her fingers upon my hairs

And said, “Path is full of crimson pearls”

“All you want is what you see, feel it”

And then I shuffled towards the hills

While the sun trailed from the woods

And the brook rushed from virgin rocks

For the path was full of crimson pearls

And each of them had a hearty tale.”

a poem from NJ, who describes himself thus:
“I believe in simplicity and see that every person has a tag on their neck saying ’I am special’. All of us are… Keep smiling… Love & Peace, N J

His poems can be read on &


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