Nithin’s manjadi

The sudden burst of the breeze slipped a soft feather from the shell of my private library… My library… Memory… Memories are forever.

I remember the red sky at the night, and the gently wind that blew from where I have come from… I’m an Indian… I belong to a picturesque village where the farmers used to live their life in utmost simplicity. Poovathur – 13 kms from Tiruvalla.

Today, as when I scribble this note on my laptop, my memory takes me away to the grand Eighties. I am not too old, and I don’t need to be told. There was I, and my friends, and a field where we used to fly kites. The green field always tempted us. I was close to my grandfather. He is my inspiration. He used to say, “Hard work can conquer anything under the sky”.  And my mind craves to pick a shell from my memory lane. Now, I remember those endless nights where I used to carve such beautiful pictures of a place that I can never forget. We were a bunch of young blood. At dusk we used to meet, to share about the incidents that took place in school. I remember the times we shared food with each other. In life the biggest asset is love. I am pleased to feel the endless love at a very early age. But it was from my friends, and of course my grandfather.

My grandfather was into politics, and once when he won the election, he was awarded an amount as an appreciation. He didn’t use it for anything. And I remember the amount wasn’t too huge. But it was for me. He received 1000 Rs as a reward. He didn’t use it. Instead, he bought me a cycle. Have you heard of bicycle days? Oh, yes… I have… Years passed by… Life changed drastically… I drifted apart from that beautiful world… to the world of agony and hurt… But on my mind, I kept this shell… My private library… Memory… Memories never die…

I visit this place every year… Whenever I visit this place, I walk through the same pastures once we played at… The same place where we attented tuitions at… The same place where we exchanged our first smile… The same place where my grandfather used to teach how to ride a cycle… Today, he is not in this world… But at a distance, he stares at me, smiling, and saying “Go ahead… the route is clear for you…”.

Nithin Jacob.

Nithin Jacob works in Saudi Arabia in the software sector and is on his way to becoming a published writer soon. Read more of his writing  on


6 thoughts on “Nithin’s manjadi

  1. NJ…i’ve always been a fan of your writing…and will continue to do so…this is a real beauty…since it comes from your ‘library’ its got so much to say…every line has depth in it 🙂
    cheers sweety!!…:)

  2. The words were like reels. It was actually filming each and every scene for me. Keep penning bro. Lots to come out of your pen.
    Vipin Wales

  3. These “sweet” memories “close to the heart” keep us rosy… rosy from the “changing” world…. painting those smiles back on our faces! 🙂

    Beautifully scripted…. Captivating I say! 🙂

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