Dhanush’s Poppins manjadi

“I don’t write much these days,but I want to write more.”


“Anyone for Poppins Muttai? I picked up two stacks of it which have multiple tastes and multiple colors. mmmm Yummie. And finally when I crush it on my teeth..oooosh a mix of salty sugary taste. I am on Cloud Nine. Wonder what it costs Rs 2 only still over the years.

School Days..
Mummy would pack me to Chandrettan’s Peedika(shop) to buy groceries and vegetables. Chandrettan gives a bill, so I need to reproduce it at home. Bug the Veggie guy won’t. Somewhere I would adjust to get in a Rs 2 so that the 1 Kg Tomato or a 500g beans would cost 2 rupees more or 1 each 🙂
And on way back from Kittettan’s Shop I would get the poppins, then I would take a longer route, to finish the whole stack so that poppins is history before I reach home.
Mummy after collecting the bills and tallying would say , with a deep sigh, “Thakkalikokke Ingane Vila Koodiyaal Entha Cheyya” (What will happen if prices go high). I will rush to wash my mouth to remove the colors of poppins on my toungue.

One more stack to finish, still tastes the same.

Parle Poppins!!”

Dhanush Gopinath is a software engineer based in Bangalore. Find his photo blog on http://pintspics.blogspot.com/


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